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Grenada - Grenada


The Island of Spice Leaving behind Saint Lucia, we depart onto a last island-country in this cruise through the Caribbean before ending up at the

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Saint Lucia - Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

Only country in the world named after a woman One more island, and another country before a last one in this trip. Moving on from 

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Antigua - Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Land of 365 Beaches After such a little piece of paradise that was Tortola, although anywhere in this trip and all the islands we are visiting

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Tortola - British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes After the tipping point back at Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic, now heading back towards the port of arrival at

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Barbados - Barbados


The Bearded Ones One last trip of the year, and beginning of the next to discover some Caribbean islands on a winter cruise, escaping the

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Baku - Azerbaijan

Baku – Azerbaijan

The City of Winds Quite of an unexpected last minute trip using the last remaining holidays allowance left for this year, it does also mean

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Boston - USA

Boston – USA

The Freedom City One last base in this very complete trip across some of the main cities and states in the USA; this is the

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Milwaukee - USA

Milwaukee – USA

Beertown Coming next in our trip while in our base Chicago, we spared one of the days for visiting nearby Milwaukee, the largest city in the

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Chicago - USA

Chicago – USA

The Windy City Moving on to our next destination and base for the next five days after enjoying a great relaxing time in New Orleans,

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New Orleans - USA

New Orleans – USA

The roots of Jazz Continuing south in the country, after our second base Baltimore, from where we reach the cities of Washington DC and Philadelphia the days before, it’s

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