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Do you like to have a trip all prepared, without the need and hassle to end up at a tourist information asking for a map and what to see and do?.

How about a nice restaurant to eat local food or perhaps where would be the best place to stay overnight?.

No ads; clean and simple, easy to take with you. Simply bookmark or save the page, search and filter for over 400 guides ready for you and counting.

The Top 9



This is only the beginning of what’s yet to come. Exciting new sections related with the world of travelling; architecture, sights, hotels, flights and great galleries.

Stay tuned.

Tips and Tricks

How to book cheap flights, what is an open-jaw flight, how long in advance is enough to book a flight? Where to during winter and where during the summer peak months? Find it all here.

Travel Maps

An ever growing map showcasing the countries I’ve been so far, aiming to keep visiting more and more. Sometimes it is difficult to talk or read about without an image that describes it all visually.

Where In The World?


Travel. Pictures. Information. Facts. Welcome to my world.

Passionate about architecture and photography, motivated in discovering places, different cultures, different cuisines; grow and learn and admire what we see, it all led to a wonderful world of travelling.

With a goal to visit every country in the world, as many cities and places as possible and not just ticking places off a list, but quite the opposite; enjoying and learning from each trip.

Here to bring the experiences from a real first hand perspective. Travel guides from A to Z easy to follow, full of facts and information and plenty of pictures. No need anymore for visiting the tourist information, asking for maps and seeking for sights.

Time is precious in a trip, here is the homework already done. Go an enjoy the world.

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