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Luxor - Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

Luxor – Egypt

Ancient Thebes, the fourth Capital of ancient Egypt Moving onto what’s possibly the major and most important sight in the whole of Egypt, and to

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Cairo - Egypt

Cairo – Egypt

The largest city in the Arab world Coming to Cairo, one of the greatest cities in the word notably for its incredible architecture and of

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Istanbul - Galata and the Golden Horn

Istanbul – Turkey

The City on Seven Hills Istanbul, one of the greatest cities in the world since antiquity to current date, is always a treat to come

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El Calafate - Argentina

El Calafate – Argentina

Patagonia, land of glaciers and mountains Leaving behind the civilization and big cities such as Buenos Aires and Cordoba for something of spectacular nature in

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Cordoba - Argentina

Cordoba – Argentina

Cordoba de la Nueva Andalucia Re-entering Argentina to continue the tour in Argentina after a couple of days visiting Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay,

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Salta - Argentina

Salta – Argentina

The most Spanish city in Argentina The second part of this trip through Argentina and Uruguay was in fact just a day trip, colonial Salta.

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Shenzhen - China

Shenzhen – China

The Silicon Valley of China Returning from a holiday in Thailand heading back to London, was nice to have this brief stopover in Shenzhen and

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Phuket - Thailand

Phuket – Thailand

The Pearl of the South Time for a very well deserved relaxing days enjoying this little piece of paradise on the beautiful beaches and the

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Ayutthaya - Thailand

Ayutthaya – Thailand

Venice of the East Once of the major archaeological sites in Thailand, the once gloriously wealthy capital city of the former Kingdom of Ayutthaya, founded

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Bangkok - Thailand

Bangkok – Thailand

City of Royal Palaces Incredible Thailand, and the astonishing capital city, Bangkok. To this date the fourth time here, and certainly looking for more to

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Chengdu - China

Chengdu – China

Starting point of the Southern Silk Road A very unexpected visit to a city I did not actually plan on any trip at all in

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Singapore - Singapore


The City in a Garden Returning once more to the most perfect “sin-city” in the planet, the stunning and shiny capital of this tiny nation-island,

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