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My name is Hector, the creator and author of Travelwider. I am Spanish but live and work in the UK for over half of my life, the majority of these in London. My good friend and travel mate Christof has been, in the other hand, mostly in charge with the hotels research, the non-profit marketing, advertising and promoting of the site. We both share the same passion for travelling and discovering the world.

There is no doubt travelling is the biggest hobby in this life. Well, otherwise what would even be the point for creating a travel blog! From all the family and friends, here stands the leader, the person with the most amount of cities and countries visited so far, and also the youngest to accomplish such honour.

What's the Goal

Everybody have or should have a goal in their lives. The one here?. To travel to each of the countries in the world. And while there are certain countries one cannot just simply visit right now because of political reasons, danger and war, no one knows what will their situation be in the future. And of course, being happy, have a nice work, friends, family are no doubt the most important points before considering any lifetime goal.

Teotihuacan Pyramid - Mexico
Berat Windows - Albania

Planning is the Requirement

I like the fact to say that “I am on a world tour”. I can say this today, tomorrow, in a month or in a year’s time. That is how I am and what I do. Planning the trips so much in advance, that all I need to do is wait for the next holiday or weekend trip to come and take the next plane. But reaching this point was not easy, and it’s becoming harder to maintain. The key of everything I do about travelling is summarised into just one word: Planning.

But How is it Possible

Prague Clock - Czech Republic

Where Time is the Trick

Every other day I receive a message over Facebook, Whatsapp, email; any other social media I generally use asking always the same questions. How do I do it? How do I manage to get so many holidays? How can I manage to fly so much? Did I win the lottery? Am I rich? What other business do I have?. My answer is quite simple. None of the above is true. I am not rich, I do not have any other business and I do work and comply with my company's yearly holiday allowance. All I do is planning, as much in advance as possible. And that works. Don't forget to check the Travel Articles for all the information on how you could do the same!

Nothing Beats Self-Research

I would never consider a travel agency to create my trip. I rely solely on my abilities to do that. I am the one who know what I want, where and how I wish to do it; and the rest comes with the time, creating my own travel guides and booking whatever is necessary beforehand to accomplish my view. It is something that makes me happy, and so my friends or family who also travel with me. Having everything well organised from the beginning will save you precious time, which in occasions is crucial in a trip.

Ephesus Library - Turkey

Researching for good information about what to see in the cities I travel can be difficult and sometimes challenging. Wikipedia bases on history and although it mentions sights, it is not complete. Wikitravel in the other hand is generally better in listing sights itself as long as it is a big and famous city. Still, there is great lack.

Wikimapia and Tripadvisor come in handy next. My main aim in my website is to create a good and consistent section of what to see and do for every travel guide. It is the compilation of all the information I find over the internet coupled with the first hand insights I bring back after a trip. But please, be aware that I generally do not include museums in my guides, unless the major ones.

Having some of the best world museums in London, Madrid, Paris or New York City, and after visiting those in Rome, Vatican, Cairo, Berlin, Chicago, Tokyo and plenty other cities, I am not any more in the need for visiting that many museums in a trip but instead looking for sights, architecture, urbanism. The culture, the people and its cuisine: everything that makes a city.

Is There Ever Enough without getting exhausted?

I must admit that I can never get enough. I want more and more, and from each trip I want to make the most of it and visit the most I can in the short time I’ve got. For me, a trip to India for example, was not only doing the Golden Triangle, but instead, the whole of India in a circle north-east-south-west. Going to Thailand? Well, that had to include Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. USA? Not if that was not in a coast to coast. I can tell you that Washington and Philadelphia can be both seen in full on a day trip from New York City; the whole of Cyprus?, yes it can be done in 2 days. You can visit the entire island of Ibiza in a day enjoying all the small villages and bays; and so is Tenerife, where in 2 days you can absolutely do everything and having spare time for a pool and jacuzzi. These are just a few of the examples you will find from my experience and guides here.

Driving through Patagonia, Argentina

Want to Know More?

Now that you've reached this far, I would be grateful for helping you discover your next destination. That being a search for a travel guide, perhaps all about how to find the best deals on flights and hotels and of course, always happy to be in touch personally. Feel free to drop me a line and help me to share it with the world!

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