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Limerick - Ireland

Limerick – Ireland

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Inis an Ghaill Duibh: The Dark Foreigner’s Island

Continuing on our second day for this weekend in this region of Ireland and after a great day yesterday at the Cliffs of Moher and Galway, we visit the city of Limerick. A small and pretty truly Irish city located along the shores of the Shannon River, barely 25 kilometres away from Shannon airport which serves both cities.

As opposed to Shannon where there is no history at all due to be a “new city” built in the 1960s, Limerick is full of history, traditions and old buildings like we saw in Galway. Compact and even it’s the 4th largest city in Ireland still small enough, for what you will not need any longer than half a day for visiting it. This gives you the chance and specially if you have a rental car of going somewhere else on the same day, like for example south-east to Cork which is 100 kilometres away.

The area (Shannon Region) is really beautiful in landscapes and rich in nature and architecture as castles, therefore planning a couple of other destinations around is something you should really have in mind, and specially if you are the kind of tourist as we are, eagle to see as much as we can considering the shortage of time. (more…)

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Galway - Ireland

Galway – Ireland

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City of the Tribes

Galway. Pretty much a mandatory visit right after the Cliffs of Moher, and if you did not plan to have it on your list when visiting this region, then reconsider in doing so. Also bear in mind you cannot fly to Galway from anywhere since the airport ceased commercial operations in 2011, therefore being Shannon the nearest airport at around 90 km or some 110 km if doing a route as we did from Shannon Airport to the Cliffs of Moher and then to Galway.

To our surprise we were not expecting that the city was in fact so nice and beautiful. Small, yes, but absolutely every street around the city centre full with people, shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs, and so colourful! Every building in different colour, really lively I have to say. Quite opposed to what we found in Limerick the following day. We enjoyed it that much that we re-scheduled the rest of the weekend from here. We had to scrap Cork, that was a fact. When I though it would be more than enough a weekend to visit all those places, the truth is that this is not viable unless you see the cities on a “GP appointment style”.

Something we did not know is that Galway is the seafood capital of Ireland! You can imagine then that finding a restaurant offering seafood and fish is not difficult at all. But a better news is to see that prices were not high at all! This was seriously unexpected knowing how expensive Ireland is overall in all senses. So if you are looking for mussels in white wine and cream sauce you are in heaven. You will find this at most of the places, same as you find it along the Mediterranean coast of France. I wish I could remember the name for the place we were having lunch because they had what was perhaps the best mussels I’ve ever had.


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Shannon and the Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

Shannon and the Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

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Baile na Sionnainne

Completing more and more places in the Republic of Ireland, it is difficult to go anywhere which is not nice. Merely for the incredible landscapes, their people and the food a trip is always well worth it. And considering in this occasion that July and August are usually the most quiet months we take in travelling because it’s high season and prices for a flight anywhere, even to next door, are really high, we managed to find a great deal to Shannon.

So what was all about coming to Shannon? Definitely not to visit the city, basically because there is absolutely nothing to see from the tourist point of view. The city was the first on-purpose planned city in Ireland built in 1960 mostly to accommodate the workers from the airport recently built by then. But it’s next door to Limerick and the world famous Cliffs of Moher, main reason why we came here.

For the time you will need, a weekend is more than enough to visit these three places, and even more around the area. Driving from Shannon to the cliffs is little over 1 hour, while from Shannon to Limerick is matter of minutes.But in between you have other nice villages and landscapes worth to take a detour and enjoy this very nice side of the truly rural Ireland.


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