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Vilnius - Lithuania

Vilnius – Lithuania

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The Baroque City

Unsure what it has, but it’s always nice to be back to Lithuania, and return to its charming capital city, Vilnius. Perhaps the 4th or 5th time here, and always as good as if the first time. Also in such a lapse of time since 2003 through 2020 I’ve seen how the city has reshaped itself, improved, restored and embellished after the continuous gentrification. I can still remember the times the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania was under reconstruction with merely some walls and now admiring in its full glory; and even used Litas, the currency before the Euro.

Lithuania and the Baltic Countries in general can be a great option to visit during the low season months. Winter is quite cheap to come, however there is something you must consider if planning a trip during this time, the weather. Expect below 0 Centigrade, sometimes really extreme, and snow. It can be very harsh to coop. I am for sure not prepared for that and do not have the appropriate clothing like they do. And all I can think is the horrible experience that was once Tallinn with minus 10, and that was already in spring.

Vilnius’ Old Town was listed an UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive and large medieval core, nowadays predominantly Baroque. No wonder why the city is nicknamed the Baroque City. Almost every building has been preserved, or reconstructed and restored therefore an incredible sight for everyone’s eyes. Colorful in every sense, elegant yet imposing. And since many areas are now car free, you will further enjoy walking along the streets. But gentrification and becoming popular comes at a price. Back in the times of the Litas, prices were relatively low, basically how they were supposed to be. Unfortunatelly after they joined the Euro, the cost of living and for everything raised dramatically as I have experienced every time I come, and the trend will not stop from the look of it. The country is rapidly booming, although the basics as salaries do still not reflect the reality.

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