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Saint Lucia - Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

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Only country in the world named after a woman

One more island, and another country before a last one in this trip. Moving on from  Antigua onto the exotic Saint Lucia, docking at its capital city Castries. The only country in the world named after a woman; pulled back and forth for 14 times between the French who were the first to settle in the island and the British; it became permanently a British Oversee Territory until 1979 when it gained full independence. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, however, is still the head of the state as Saint Lucia is part of the Commonwealth Nations.

Among its key sights in such a small land, nature and landscapes are somehow unique. The incredible rain forests, such exuberant vegetation and truly paradise beaches all around, but something unique adding to the excitement, it is one of the few islands in the world that contains a drive-in volcano. This is self-described by the word, you can be driven right there to the very edge of the boiling water springs, but do not expect any height, instead a rather hilly area at the backdrop of Soufriere with marvellous views towards the colonial city, the coast and the world famous Pitons Mountains.

Both cities of Castries and Soufriere, the “largest” in the island yet tiny when compared to normal standards of size and population are straightforward to visit. It’s merely an hour or so and you have completed all the nice colonial buildings around, hence when planning your time be mindful of this, while sticking to the limitations if you’ve come on a cruise which generally gives you from the morning around 8.00am until 18.00pm. That’s well enough to actually enjoy the best sights in the island which are along the west coast and in between Castries and Soufriere and the Pitons, some 40 kilometres apart from each other. (more…)

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Saint Vincent - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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The Breadfruit Isle

Next port of call in this cruise after Barbados, docking at Kingstown, the capital city of small Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, country formed of the main Saint Vincent island and 32 other smaller ones. Now if Bridgetown was small, here Kingstown is a much smaller fraction in size, with little to almost nothing really worthy from a touristy point of view, yet like almost every island in the Caribbean, lots of beautiful nature, although not many beaches as it is in the other islands.

Founded by the French in 1722, it turned hands from the French to the British, back to French and lastly to the British again before gaining independence on 27th of October 1969, however still remaining in the Commonwealth, a constitutional monarchy and representative democracy where Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State. The mix between the French and British colonial past is seen everywhere and not just in the capital city, but across the islands with its architecture and heritage. Tiny yet very cute, the island of Saint Vincent is in fact full of extreme natural beauty and lush vegetation, all due to La Soufriere Volcano located in the northern side.

However, the few hours in between since the early morning arrival until the evening departure of the cruise was well more than enough, as there’s not much more you can do here. And if you would think about going to some nice paradise beaches, then it would be better to wait for another port of call in your cruise since Saint Vincent is not really the place you would consider the perfect paradise in the Caribbean. It’s quite rough because of the nature, although in the Grenadines archipelago you will for sure find such paradise and the turquoise waters as is in Mustique, Canouan or Carriacou islands.


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