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Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Vaduz – Liechtenstein

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The Fourth Smallest Country in Europe

Another country and capital city in Europe not been before; Vaduz, and the last of the 6 micro states in Europe, Liechtenstein. With this visit on this day I mark the 41st county visited in Europe, meaning only 9 left to complete the whole continent. In any case, so far for this year there will not be any other new European country to be visited, therefore it will need to be from the next year and so on when perhaps I can continue to tick off the list. But now on a newer separate note after a trip through the Caucasian countries in 2018, that was the time I’ve completed the entire continent.

This weekend trip was not only about reaching Liechtenstein, but also to explore all around the beautiful Lake Constance, shared between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Very busy Saturday and Sunday, non-stop driving all around the lake after Vaduz. Also a bigger job later on to create the separate travel guides for each of the places been such as: Bregenz, Lindau, Friedrichshafen, Meersburg and Konstanz.

Vaduz is capital since 1342, and ranks in the 2nd place as the smallest capital city in any European country (being the smallest San Marino City). Located surrounded by the Austrian Alps the nature is just incredible everywhere. The Rhine River is the only natural border that separates the city from neighbouring Switzerland at just 2km away. (more…)

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Cologne – Germany

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Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium

Again, another of these destinations I have been so many times like neighbouring Dusseldorf but never created the guide for it. Although honestly, since the first couple of times or so I came to the city, took all the pictures around and did almost every tourist sight, all the later occasions I returned is mainly to go to some favourite restaurants, meeting friends there and going out. The choice here for going out, say discos, pubs and general entertainment, is definitely greater than in Dusseldorf.

Cologne is without any hesitation one of the most historical and oldest cities in Germany. Back in the Roman days, it was the largest city in what was known the province of Germania. Currently ranks the 4th largest in the country in terms of population and of course importance, and because it did not suffer as badly as Dusseldorf the raids during WWII, it managed to retain a cute historic medieval old town. Not everything is “real” let’s be honest here, but the reconstruction and restoration thereafter was quite a success. It is therefore here you will find many more places of interest and sights than bigger brother Dusseldorf.

Still, the scars from the war are visible even right in the middle of a major landmark, the Cathedral Square. Notice the horrible brutalist and socialist hideous buildings scattered around. However with the latest projects trying to restore absolutely everything, gentrification to the maximum through the old town and construction of great cultural centres, museums and entire new districts with spectacular striking architecture have translated in even more tourism coming year after year.


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Dusseldorf - Germany

Dusseldorf – Germany

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Japan on the Rhine

Although I have been so many times in this city, and also living for almost 9 months there, it’s time to finally create the well deserved guide for what is considered one of the most important cities in Germany. Surprisingly-wise talking, it is generally more important than Berlin in the sense of events, fairs, design, technology and entertainment. It is the city with the most Japanese population outside of Japan, hence its nickname Japan on the Rhine.

A weekend to enjoy the city is well enough, and even for the first time visitor, is perfect, not only you will see majority of the sights at a slow pace without any rush, in a day you will be done meaning the other half of your weekend trip can be spent at the “twin” city of Cologne. Yet it’s not only Cologne what’s really next to Dusseldorf, it is also a vast choice of places you can go within one/one and a half hour train or bus drive such as Wuppertal, Bonn, Dortmund, Essen, Oberhausen, the Ruhr Industrial Area… or into the Netherlands border at just 60km away to the west.

Discovering the city is quite straightforward and easy. Avenues follow a grid pattern even in the old town, so you can easily move up and down making zigzags, being able to see all the sights in the city centre without the need of any public transportation. Everything surrounding the old town core is the very elegant late 19th early 20th century extension with countless of beautiful grand buildings in all styles, among them a style ranks number one for the numerous amount and its importance, that’s the Jugendstil, or art-nouveau for German. The most notorious district to see the finest, and grandest, is the shopping area of Königsallee.

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Konigswinter - Germany

Konigswinter – Germany

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Castles, Mountains and a Rack Railway

Just another of these quick and easy day trips from Dusseldorf taking the chance before my work contract here comes to an end and explore the entire region bit after bit. Heading towards the south this time, it’s a matter of few minutes and you are already entering the Konigswinter area of beautiful landscapes, scenery and nature; and great castles too. However once in Konigswinter, it is a very small place for which a day trip is well more than enough giving you still some time to spare. It is the fact that we drove here only in the afternoon after lunchtime and managed to do everything we needed to do tourist-wise talking before returning by dinner time.

There is a highlight in this place, especially for any railway lovers. That’s the old rack railway slowly heading up the Drachenfels hill where at the summit you will find two castles and incredible views over the valley and the Rhine River. Not far from here is Bonn, the de-facto capital city of West Germany from 1949 until 1900 when the country was split in West and East Bloc. That’s another great city you should not miss when visiting this region, or of course, if you are staying at Cologne.

Being that straightforward and easy to visit, there is not much more that can be said for this brief introduction to the area. For more information you can check Wikipedia and Wikitravel sites. Germany’s currency is the Euro (EUR). Please note that any price reference is true as from when this guide was created, therefore check prices in advance as with the time they change. (more…)

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