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Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Vaduz – Liechtenstein

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The Fourth Smallest Country in Europe

Another country and capital city in Europe not been before; Vaduz, and the last of the 6 micro states in Europe, Liechtenstein. With this visit on this day I mark the 41st county visited in Europe, meaning only 9 left to complete the whole continent. In any case, so far for this year there will not be any other new European country to be visited, therefore it will need to be from the next year and so on when perhaps I can continue to tick off the list. But now on a newer separate note after a trip through the Caucasian countries in 2018, that was the time I’ve completed the entire continent.

This weekend trip was not only about reaching Liechtenstein, but also to explore all around the beautiful Lake Constance, shared between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Very busy Saturday and Sunday, non-stop driving all around the lake after Vaduz. Also a bigger job later on to create the separate travel guides for each of the places been such as: Bregenz, Lindau, Friedrichshafen, Meersburg and Konstanz.

Vaduz is capital since 1342, and ranks in the 2nd place as the smallest capital city in any European country (being the smallest San Marino City). Located surrounded by the Austrian Alps the nature is just incredible everywhere. The Rhine River is the only natural border that separates the city from neighbouring Switzerland at just 2km away. (more…)

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