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Algarve - Portugal

Algarve – Portugal

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Moorish Al-Gharb, The West

Returning for a second time to one of the most beautiful and visited regions in Portugal, the southernmost region of Algarve. Where nature meets the Atlantic ocean along the west and south, with idyllic Moorish style villages and beaches, caves, cliffs and mountains. A truly fascinating region not so heavily tourist faced as the nearby regions of Huelva or Cadiz in Andalusia, Spain, but instead more laid back and traditional, yet at points, old-fashioned. Nevertheless, tourism can be massified during the peak season of the summer months, therefore knowing the accommodation capacity is somewhat limited, prices can really go up dramatically as opposed if coming during low season where you will enjoy most of the places at your own peace pretty much alone.

You will need to know that although Faro will most likely be your entry point as it is the main city and where the international airport is located; the more to the west you go, the better and nicer the landscapes become all along the coastal cities and villages, up to the south-westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo Sao Vicente. Afterall, distances are not big at all and driving from one place to another is matter of few minutes. Talking of driving, this is without doubt the best option you have in order to travel around the area and get to the more secluded locations, otherwise if considering only public transport, while there are frequent trains all the way from Faro to Lagos in the west, or from Faro continuing to the east up to the Spanish border in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, it would not be possible to easily reach the coastal villages as railways are more inland and not right by the coast.

The charm of the villages by the Atlantic, the cliffs and rock formations you will see everywhere are really worth the trip itself, even if it’s as short time what you are staying as was the case in the first time I came here merely a weekend yet still managed to enjoy everything I wanted from that trip, plus the delicious food almost anywhere. Not to mention one of my favourite pastries ever, the pasteis de nata found in any patisserie and coffee place freshly made.


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