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Berlin - Germany

Berlin – Germany

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Once again, almost without any free time to prepare our future trips since these are one after another and without any rest in between; it came the time for Berlin. City we’ve already been many years ago! Possibly 8 or 9, hence the reason why there was not a travel guide for the capital of Germany in my blog until now, where I will make the best to combine some good information from both of the times I’ve visited and a quite extensive section on what to see and do in the city itself.

On this occasion I must admit the time planned for the city was very limited. Extremely limited would describe this better, but this was in the other hand not the usual weekend trip where we go to a new destination and we do non-stop walking everywhere through the city to see everything and all of the sights. No it wasn’t. Was instead a much more relaxed weekend spent abroad for the sake of enjoying going elsewhere and to a place so long we’ve never returned but very well worth it to revisit. I’m sure it won’t be that long anymore until we return to Berlin to keep enjoying it and for visiting the many nearby wonderful cities and places.

So before you wonder how long you would need to enjoy the city, plan no less than 3 days. While a weekend is great to give you an idea and see a lot, it is still short as you cannot physically see everything in just 2 days. There is really a lot in the many districts, plus when talking about museums then well… that will take a long time. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Museumsinsel (Museum Island) can easily take you an entire day for itself alone; yet here, of course, from all of the museums, there is one you cannot miss: the Pergamon; where you can find the original world renown altar brought stone by stone from the Turkish city of Pergamon among other treasures, noteworthy the galleries about Persepolis and the Middle East cross-roads of civilizations. (more…)

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