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Macau - SAR

Macau – SAR

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Las Vegas of Asia

As quite mandatory for the average tourist visiting Hong Kong for few days, a day trip to Macau is out of question. The second of such SAR, Special Administration Region of the People’s Republic of China under the same principle of “one country, two systems”, hence what you have here is a totally open region with a high level of self-administration where the politics of China are not affecting in regards of freedom of speech, gambling, political views, economics, education and more.

It was great to return after almost 7 years since the first and only time I’ve been here, hence a great chance for updating this guide which was as old as the year when I started with my travel blog project with briefly described and not so complete guides as what kept coming the years after. Considering I very much enjoy to return to several places after the years, there are not many “older” guides left awaiting to be appropriately updated.

Macau, a very small piece of land that once was one of the first European settlements in Asia, was also the last European colony to ever leave Asia back in 1999, becoming one of the most densely populated places in the world, topping an already over-crowded Hong Kong, however things are very different here. The space is really minimal, and even with the massive reclamation project that completely filled-up the space between the islands of Taipa and Coloane to form a bigger island, was still not enough considering the high demand and also knowing that the entire reclamation was given in full for the purpose of building the gigantic casinos and hotels the city is so well famous for. The yearly revenue from gambling is 7 times higher than the collection of Las Vegas. Can you imagine that? Now think twice again, how is it even possible to happen in such a small piece of land which you can walk side to side? Las Vegas is huge in the other hand, with plenty of space in the middle of the desert. (more…)

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Las Vegas - USA

Las Vegas – USA

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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Finally another dream accomplished, Las Vegas. And although when we landed at the airport we drove directly to the Grand Canyon, we only started to enjoy this city in the evening when we returned and saw all the lights from far away and near, until we reached the spectacular Strip, Las Vegas Boulevard. From here, we started to live a movie. Beginning with the world famous neon sign of “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” and up to The Stratosphere, the hotel we stayed along the immense Boulevard, all the casinos, hotels and resorts passing one after another.

Lights, music, sounds, effects, the people, the cars, the wedding chapels, just everything is like a Deja-Vu. You already know these places, you’ve seen them so many times that you recognise them straight away, either by name, silhouette or look. The main difference is that this time the movie is real, and you are the actor.

This is the city that never sleeps, 24 hours crowded, whole year round. Very hot during the day, perfect temperature in the evenings and nights. Tastes, likes, flavours, desires for everyone. Anything you want, anything you wish, you have it there. You can do it. Unfortunately yes, money matters. In Vegas money can get you whatever you desire, and while to some it might bring riches and fortunes, to others it means bankruptcy, ruin and abuse of alcohol and drugs.


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