Cologne – Germany

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Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium

Again, another of these destinations I have been so many times like neighbouring Dusseldorf but never created the guide for it. Although honestly, since the first couple of times or so I came to the city, took all the pictures around and did almost every tourist sight, all the later occasions I returned is mainly to go to some favourite restaurants, meeting friends there and going out. The choice here for going out, say discos, pubs and general entertainment, is definitely greater than in Dusseldorf.

Cologne is without any hesitation one of the most historical and oldest cities in Germany. Back in the Roman days, it was the largest city in what was known the province of Germania. Currently ranks the 4th largest in the country in terms of population and of course importance, and because it did not suffer as badly as Dusseldorf the raids during WWII, it managed to retain a cute historic medieval old town. Not everything is “real” let’s be honest here, but the reconstruction and restoration thereafter was quite a success. It is therefore here you will find many more places of interest and sights than bigger brother Dusseldorf.

Still, the scars from the war are visible even right in the middle of a major landmark, the Cathedral Square. Notice the horrible brutalist and socialist hideous buildings scattered around. However with the latest projects trying to restore absolutely everything, gentrification to the maximum through the old town and construction of great cultural centres, museums and entire new districts with spectacular striking architecture have translated in even more tourism coming year after year.


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