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Algarve - Portugal

Algarve – Portugal

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Moorish Al-Gharb, The West

After such an unfortunate end of December and beginning of January where we had to cancel an entire 23 days holidays across Central America due to personal injury, let’s better don’t talk about it and hope for the best in being able to repeat that trip in the near future. For now, onto the first of the usual weekend trips for the year where many are already planned and booked. It’s time for Algarve in Portugal. Some winter sun why not!.

Not that you would expect me coming here during the summer high season, which I would definitely avoid as I am not that type of tourist who “enjoys” the crowds of mass tourist in the beach and unnecessary high prices, but instead coming in winter at the lowest possible season, where only cultural city-break people come over and enjoys the other side this region south Portugal has to offer: the incredible architecture blend with Moorish, its rich history, the people and the great food everywhere.

You will need to know that although Faro will most likely be your entry point as it is the main city and where the international airport is located; the more to the west you go, the better and nicer the landscapes become all along the coastal cities and villages, up to the south-westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo Sao Vicente. (more…)

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