Bratislava, (Slovakia)

“Beauty on the Danube”, “Little Big City”

Bratislava, Slovakia, September 2009

Once again, although we’ve recently returned to this city, I still keep in this guide majority of the information as I created back then when I went my my family on a Central Europe tour, so i makes a coherent link with the other cities we visited in that same trip, however I take the chance to update for a very complete travel guide.

Just after a great 1 hour fast boat trip along the Danube from Vienna we arrived to the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. This would be the smallest capital city we would visit in this trip compared to Prague, Vienna and Budapest from the list. Even Salzburg was feeling bigger even it is smaller by population. This makes Bratislava perfect for a short visit. It was the case that even the 2 full days we spent here were more than enough. Should I have come here without my family then I know 1 day would have been all I needed as I am pretty fast when planning sightseeing tours in any city.

Without minding the size, the old city is truly worth the trip itself. Recently revamped with most of the houses around the historic old town restored and beautifully painted, and many sculptures embellishing the streets, some of them as original as I have not seen before elsewhere as you can see down below in the photo album. Really charming Central European city with an enormous potential. We felt very lucky to have come in 2009 when there were still not that many tourists.

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