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Monschau - Germany
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Monschau, a very little village on a valley where absolutely every house is worth a picture. Colorful timber-framed houses just everywhere, a small river splitting the city in two and multiple little bridges where to enjoy different perspectives. This village was part of our plan for today after spending the morning and part of the afternoon in Liege, Belgium, and while already heading back towards Dusseldorf, the main base we used for this weekend trip, like plenty others during these days.

It’s one of these places we have in mind when thinking about Germany, with such cute little houses, the nature surrounding it and the rather relaxed and quiet ambient, perfect to enjoy a nice beer at one of the many terraces you will see in summer. But other than that there is not much more to describe about it. Being such a small place, you will not need any longer than 2 hours, and that is already giving quite a lot.

For more information about the village visit Wikipedia site. Germany’s currency is the Euro (EUR). Please note that any price reference is true as from when this guide was created, therefore check prices in advance as with the time they change.

What to see and do in Monschau

  • Castle of the Dukes of Jülich From the 13th century, located atop a hill overlooking the valley and the village.
  • Walking any street Definitely the only way to admire and enjoy this little village, with plenty of timber-framed colourful houses and the small river cutting through in two.


Being that small village, it does not have an airport, that’s of course out of question. The nearest ones are Liege and Maastricht; but it is very well located right in the border between Germany and Belgium, therefore best accessed by car from any of the major cities around if coming from Belgium, Netherlands or elsewhere in this region of Germany. Within the village there is no transport at all as its absolutely not viable for the size.


As this was a day trip from Dusseldorf as a base to visit Liege and Monschau, there was no need for searching a place where to stay for the night and therefore I cannot recommend any specific hotel. But being so near to Aachen, Liege or even Maastricht, you could consider searching for accommodation at any of these cities, and make a perfect combination visiting them in one go. This will further expand the choices available and surely will be easier to get a good deal.

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