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Cannes - France

Cannes – France

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The Hollywood of Europe

At not long time ago since we flew on the same route to Nice in order to visit both that city and Monaco, it is this occasion we take for visiting Cannes instead at just merely 30 km away centre to centre, or just 20 km from Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. And why to travel in February again you might think; well, it’s the lowest season you can have and as such, finding a good air fare and cheap accommodation is really easy. Yes, cold; and if unlucky, rain; but for someone like me looking for a cultural weekend not a beach break, it’s the perfect time of the year to travel. It saves lots of money and you can enjoy the places almost without any tourists, only locals.

Cannes, as opposed to Nice, is much smaller meaning 2 days way too much time. You really need only one day to fully visit everything, any longer I consider it a sort of waste of time as you can instead spend it in bigger Nice, not to mention the amount of restaurants and bars in Nice cannot compete to those in Cannes. And going out in Cannes, no matter if to a bar, restaurant or disco that’s another level. This is one of the preferred destinations among the rich and famous, and should you be visiting the city during the Cannes Movie Festival days, then it is highly likely you will get to see many movie stars and other celebrities alike. In the other hand in Nice you have everything in a greater scale but a fraction of the cost.

Walking along the sea promenade, the Boulevard de la Croisette is the sight number one where you will see most of the grand hotels and the top of the class fashion and jewellery firms. The architecture of the grand buildings is very impressive and elegant, so is the care and efforts done in restoring such masterpieces.

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Marseille - France

Marseille – France

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The oldest city in France

Now, that was a long time since I wanted to go to Marseille. Family and friends always told me of how beautiful it was. But for some reason up to this point I was concentrating on destinations elsewhere, not in France. Basically, and excluding Spain of course where I tend to travel quite often, I usually like to get somewhere away from West and South Europe. But of course, that’s not a valid excuse and it’s finally the time for the well deserved beautiful France, with so many cities, villages and landscapes; its people, food, great wines and numerous beaches to name a few.

Of course we were not disappointed at all. The city has so much to offer, that a weekend is definitely too short. It is the second largest in the country after Paris, followed by Lyon. We needed at least one more day to have the chance and visit it all including the Calanques along the coast. Nevertheless, for a first time glimpse it was great and now I know this city deserves to return more times in the future.

The city evolves around the Vieux Port (Old Port) overlooking the Mediterranean. Most streets leads to this area and 90% or more of the sights are in a walking distance radius from the port. The best views of the port and nearby neighbourhoods are located by any of the two forts, one on each side of the port, or from Notre Dame de la Garde Church, which offers the perfect birds eye view over the entire city.


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Nice - France

Nice – France

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Greek Nikaia, Roman Cemenelum, Nice la Belle

Charming Nice, the second largest city along the French Mediterranean coast after Marseille and the 5th most populous in the country, is a beautiful, elegant and very opulent place. Right in between the mountains and the sea on the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera. Ever popular among the rich and famous who make this place their preferred resort for their vacation, it is still attracting a great number of wealthy tourists looking to enjoy among some of the grand historical hotels by the promenade overlooking the sea. The main one, named Promenade des Anglais, takes its name from the English who made Nice their winter preferred vacation choice during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Even for just a weekend, that is more than enough time to visit the entire city and also neighboring Monaco with its tiny capital Monte Carlo, as we did in our trip. The city is well divided in 3 areas. The elegant 19th century extension, the beach front and the old town, all of them worth to see noticeable for the old town of course, based along the main market square where all the historical buildings, churches and the cathedral can be found. On a small hill is the old fort, although nowadays just a tower stands, but the viewing platform from the top is a must do. The best is to get there right before the sunset, as the changing of the colours with the sun are spectacular.

Coming here is generally quite pricey, specially during the high season months, and because this is a clearly more an up-scale tourist destination where superb hotels align the Promenade des Anglais, all of these orientated to a wealthy tourist sector, not the medium average tourist. But since we were not looking after a beach holiday (not that you could have it in February in Nice in the cold water anyway); this was another of our usual sightseeing city break, therefore not impacted by any high price whatsoever. Low season is the best to come here, avoid the hordes of tourists and enjoy really low prices even in the restaurants. (more…)

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Strasbourg and Colmar, (France)

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“The Winter Wonderland”, “Fortress on the Road”, “Crossroads”

9th of December, 2012

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This was our second part of this trip. You can check the previous entry, Basel, if you want to know more information. We already planned to visit all those places in one go using the most of the weekend. At the end, landing in the middle of them all, it’s a horrible temptation not to resist and specially if you are such a fanatical about travelling as we are. Driving to Strasbourg is little over an hour, and believe me, it’s totally worth it!

The city has a greatly preserved Medieval old town, with many many beautiful wooden houses and grand Cathedral. And what it makes it so special about coming here in winter time? The Christmas markets and decorations! You need to come here to feel it and live it. Up to date, the best Christmas feeling in a city ever.

Getting lost is almost impossible, wander around the streets and the little ones by the river and Cathedral square area. Those are the best without doubt. Then there is what is called the Little Venice. This is also by the riverside, and you will find marvellous and bigger wooden houses and many coffee shops and restaurants in the area. (more…)

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