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Goa - India

Goa – India

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Former Portuguese colony in India

The region of Goa is more than just beaches and Trance music. It’s a region full of great Portuguese colonial architecture, amazing food and gorgeous landscapes. It’s also a very small region, in fact, India’s smallest state where the points of interest and sights are located most of them around the old capital city, Velha Goa. You are never far away, and you are always near a beach, though not all of them are what you really expect or want.

You need to remember that since Goa is a key resort in India, locals have around 5 months to make money from tourism. The remaining months is when the monsoon hits the area, with very few people keen to visit the region and as such meaning no business for locals. Therefore, expect to pay higher prices on everything. less quantities or even less quality; although if you know how to move around and where to go, you will do wonders and have one of the greatest experience and fantastic holidays.

To bear in mind before coming here, heat. Yes, it can get very hot and super humid. And considering from our experience when merely days ago we had just 10 degrees centigrade in Delhi and Varanasi, this was a shock to have +35. Not a complaint but the contrary. I love the heat, but prepare to bath in your own sweat non stop, especially when visiting the old capital. Somehow it was even more humid over there.


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