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“Augusta Raurica”, “Basilea”, “Basilia”

8th of December, 2012

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Moving on to our last weekend trip for the year 2012, and before our big winter holiday, it’s time to visit this “winter wonderland” place. Very conveniently located with easy and quick access to Strasbourg and Colmar in France, places which will complete our weekend visit. Of course, and unfortunately, Switzerland comes at a price. The expensive it is, but thankfully for this occasion, we even did not need any money to be changed to Swiss Francs. We were basically the kind of tourists they don’t’ like. Cheap. We spent no money at all and hold our hunger for France later on in the evening.

Getting a flight deal, as usual not a big hassle, specially when booking in advance and also in out of season period.

Without doubt, the best is to get a rental car to move around. There are way too many other cities and villages worth the visit, and since Basel is quite small, you will have enough time if you plan it well.

The city itself is incredibly beautiful. Full of that old houses you are expecting to see in Switzerland. The best circuit you can do is first to walk on the south bank of the river direction to the main bridge which gives the main access to the old town on the other side of the river. The views you will get of the old town houses and bridges are fantastic.[travelmap-map first=105 last=108]

Then entering the old town by the main bridge, the rest is very easy to follow to. Basically turning left on to the City Hall square, and following that direction towards the Cathedral. From here continue straight and you can cross again to the other side of the river. This will make an easy and great circle around the main sights of the city.

Of course, if you are staying longer than half or full day, then there is more to see around.

Also bear in mind that costs for everything are pretty high, like everywhere in Switzerland. Swiss Francs are one of the highest currencies in Europe! We did not even spend a Franc, as we knew we will be staying just some hours before moving to Strasbourg in France, where normal prices are back.

For more information about the city check Wikipedia and Wikitravel sites.

What to see and do in Basel:

  • Münsterplatz Cathedral square
  • Rathaus Town hall, on Marktplatz, and streets around
  • Mittlere Brücke The main bridge over the Rhine
  • Central Train Station
  • Novartis Campus Designed by Frank Ghery. Can be reached by walking or by tram to Hüningerstrasse.

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You don’t really need any public transportation to move in the city. Everything is very compact and near, and distances are not big. Just in case, you can count on the trams.

On our case from the airport took a rental car and drove directly to the city, the rest we did walking and no other transport was needed at all.


Although we did not book a hotel in Basel, there are many and should be quite easy to find the best you look for and for your budget. But also consider staying somewhere outside or in a different city or village as prices might be quite high. Remember, you are in Switzerland and money is very high, hence everything is very expensive.


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