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Reims - France

Reims – France

The home of Champagne While this was another trip to Luxembourg, the occasion for it was reaching the beautiful city of Reims not too far

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Nancy - France

Nancy – France

Not touched with impunity Here we are once again at the brink of a longer and far holiday destination. Aiming for Tanzania as end point,

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Arles - France

Arles – France

Colonia Iulia Paterna Arelatensium Sextanorum Continuing right after visiting Nimes and at only 30 kilometres south, we could not let then chance go away without including the

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Paris - France

Paris – France

La Ville-Lumière: The City of Light Returning to Paris, probably the 6th time I come in my life, but still great as usual. There is

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Rennes - France

Rennes – France

Roman Civitas Redonum Our first weekend trip to France so far in 2016. Still, one of the largest countries in Europe with the most places

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Saint Malo - France

Saint Malo – France

Not French, not Breton; but Malouin Our next stop-over for today coming from Rennes and after the Mount Saint-Michel was the city of Saint Malo. Because

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