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Avila - Spain

Avila – Spain

The Town of Stones and Saints Impossible to think, nor remember when was the only time I’ve ever been to this beautiful city. I was

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Leon - Spain

Leon – Spain

The cradle of Parliamentarism Finally my hands are on the most awaited travel guide ever since I started my blog project. And why is that

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Valencia - Spain

Valencia – Spain

Roman Valentia Edetanorum Quickly piling up on more trips for 2018, we do also continue to benefit from destinations which are way cheaper during the

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Seville - Spain

Seville – Spain

Roman Hispalis, Arabic Ishbiliyya After so many years, 8 already, it’s finally time to return to one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been

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Gran Canaria - Spain

Gran Canaria – Spain

The Eternal Spring Island As pretty much similar to what we are doing from few years ago till today, travelling to the Spanish islands, especially

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Antequera - Spain

Antequera – Spain

The Heart of Andalusia From the many times we’ve been coming to Southern Spain, there’s always a new city or place to visit, and this

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Palma - Spain

Palma – Spain

Talaiotic, Roman, Byzantine, Moor and Christian Over 7 years have passed for what was back then my first time in a Spanish island. I cannot believe

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Badajoz - Spain

Badajoz – Spain

Former capital of the small Muslim kingdom Taifa of Baṭalyaws Double the excitement for visiting a city completely not planned in the original plans for

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Huelva - Spain

Huelva – Spain

Roman: Onoba Aestuaria An area of high interest I had pending for a long time now, the city of Huelva, the nearby sites of historical

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Fuerteventura - Spain

Fuerteventura – Spain

Strong Wind Keeping on with the trend of travelling to the Canary Islands during winter (low season months) works pretty well almost every time. Air

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