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Opole - Poland

Opole – Poland

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Historical capital of Upper Silesia

Another weekend flying to Wroclaw after a year we went there, yet with a different reason this time which was reaching Opole, 100 kilometres to the southeast. Not a city of special importance or any great sights, but fully meaningful to my travel companion as it is his birthplace before having to move to Germany when the borders changed and Opole returned to be a city in Poland and no Germany.

Also a good reason for returning to Wroclaw was to be with my friend whom I did not see for almost 12 years!. And of course, for the city itself. It is still among one of my favourite in Poland with so much to see and do. While the last time we visited it was almost December and the huge Christmas market was already on in the main square and streets, this time we got just in time to enjoy probably the last days of sun and warm temperatures before the Autumn drop. We’ve been very lucky on both Wroclaw and Opole with the weather, it could have been already very bad.

I know this guide is going to be quite explicit, but for the shake of it I could not pass the occasion and give it a go in creating it as I got some spare time right before our main long holidays for this year just 5 days ahead of us. But not minding the very small size of it and that there is not much to see, it was still worth to come for the day and enjoy the cute old town knowing most of it is a reconstruction since the World War II made a great loss and destruction in Opole. (more…)

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Wroclaw - Poland

Wroclaw – Poland

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Historic Capital of Silesia

After quite a long time since the last time I’ve visited Poland, exactly under the same terms with a weekend trip to the Christmas Markets of Warsaw, it was great this time to travel to a new destination never been before plus knowing that one of the largest Christmas Markets in Poland would be already open by the weekend we planned to come. Although rewording this phrase, let’s say better that I checked beforehand when the market would be open and only then, booked the flight tickets. Such markets are one of the most beautiful in Europe without any doubt.

Wroclaw is the 4th largest city in Poland and is packed on every corner with history and sights. It resulted to be in fact, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to in Poland so far with the most sights and things to do; probably coupled with Gdansk, and comparable to Krakow. The Old Market Square is a masterpiece in itself with such vast amount of grand buildings at all sides and the fine Gothic Town Hall in the middle. Basically on every turn there is another nice view of the row of houses and the pictures will not stop coming one after another. Too many to picture!

But what really made a nicer difference is to have those beautiful Christmas Markets and decorations everywhere around the Old Town. At least, coming in December with such freezing temperatures could be justified! Suffering the cold but greatly enjoying the atmosphere was very well paid off. And every now and then a hot mulled wine to keep warm and any of the many nice food and snacks freshly made at the hundreds of stalls all over…yes, I survived knowing how terrible I am with handling any temperature that goes below 0 degrees. (more…)

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