Angkor, (Cambodia)

“Capital City”, “Seat of the Khmer Empire”

16th of January, 2013

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Angkor, one of the most marvellous man made places on earth, this once glorious and fascinating civilization, still captivates anyone who visit. The size of it is just a hint of what once was the largest city in the world with over 1 million habitants. Their greatest symbols were all built of stone, and therefore lasted to our days hidden in the think jungle that overgrew everywhere around those imposing buildings. The people once lived in wooden houses, therefore little to none remains are left as of today.

Back to over a thousand years ago, the place was a thick jungle, where every tree was cut off to build houses and the city, man made canals dag, an incredible engineering achievement in order to be able to build in an otherwise unstable land. Then after the fall of the Khmer Civilization, what was left was slowly taken over the vegetation and trees reclaiming the original habitat. A civilization was lost in the jungle for many centuries after it’s rediscovery.

What is today is a vast collection of temples, edifications and monuments, UNESCO site; which have been slowly taken care by the help of multiple nations around the world in order to preserve and refurbish them for many generations to come. Work of course is still under way and will definitely continue for many decades. (more…)

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