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Stuttgart - Germany

Stuttgart – Germany

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Cradle of the Automobile

One more time back in Germany this year onto another city I’ve never been before, said to be one of the most friendly in the country, and for a good reason. While it is true that very near the city there are many great places to visit, with a numerous bunch of UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the brink of a short drive away and within them, for this weekend the plan would be simply. Visiting just the city and also get to see and spend some time with one of our friends who lives there. Now, knowing there are great flight connections from London and having visited the city, we can easily plan another trip to Stuttgart in the near future to reach all these destinations nearby.

The city benefits from a rather unique location, as opposed as any other large German city. It sits in the middle of a lush valley by the Neckar River completely surrounded by vineyards. Quite a different view as to what many people think of Stuttgart, as an industrial city where one of it’s nicknames actually comes from: the cradle of the automobile. This is just in part true, and so was some decades ago. Nowadays, it is a vibrant transforming city very welcoming to the tourist.

With regards to the car industry, Stuttgart is the birthplace of the car and the motorcycle. Invented by Karl Benz and subsequently industrialised from 1887. The headquarters of giants Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are in the city, and are an unmissable sight not only for car lovers but to anyone, for both the building’s architecture and the impressive history and unique collections on display. (more…)

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Marseille - France

Marseille – France

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The oldest city in France

Now, that was a long time since I wanted to go to Marseille. Family and friends always told me of how beautiful it was. But for some reason up to this point I was concentrating on destinations elsewhere, not in France. Basically, and excluding Spain of course where I tend to travel quite often, I usually like to get somewhere away from West and South Europe. But of course, that’s not a valid excuse and it’s finally the time for the well deserved beautiful France, with so many cities, villages and landscapes; its people, food, great wines and numerous beaches to name a few.

Of course we were not disappointed at all. The city has so much to offer, that a weekend is definitely too short. It is the second largest in the country after Paris, followed by Lyon. We needed at least one more day to have the chance and visit it all including the Calanques along the coast. Nevertheless, for a first time glimpse it was great and now I know this city deserves to return more times in the future.

The city evolves around the Vieux Port (Old Port) overlooking the Mediterranean. Most streets leads to this area and 90% or more of the sights are in a walking distance radius from the port. The best views of the port and nearby neighbourhoods are located by any of the two forts, one on each side of the port, or from Notre Dame de la Garde Church, which offers the perfect birds eye view over the entire city.


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Zurich - Switzerland

Zurich – Switzerland

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Downtown Switzerland

For a very long time Zurich was in the bucket list awaiting for a good occasion, and finally the time came. Quite unexpectedly I have to say. We planned the weekend for a long drive from Dusseldorf to Heidelberg at the south of Germany, farther beyond Frankfurt, and visiting on the way back both Eppstein and Diez. However things got in our usual crazy travelling way and noticed we were merely 300 kilometres away from Zurich. Let’s say no more, temptation is our weakness, but always plays in our favour.

Now that was a well worth decision, although very tiring too. 610 kilometres is what we did in total just on a Saturday since the very early morning, arriving to Zurich right in time for lunch. And what a day! Over 30 degrees and sun, that is a rare sight on its own. Rearranging the rest of the weekend was the less difficult. Since the cities we would be visiting were very small, reducing time here and there was indeed a good decision or we would have ended up with too much time not knowing what to do or where to spend. Zurich in any case deserves much more time than what we spent in all and will plan in the near future a full weekend only for this city and its lake. (more…)

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