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Gothenburg - Sweden

Gothenburg – Sweden

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The second largest city in Sweden

A quick trip this time, just go and back in the same day to the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg. I know this was way too short time to enjoy such a beautiful city with so much to see and do, but hey! why to stay home if for merely £20 return flights you can get to at least enjoy other culture, other places, some nice food and a first time contact to a city for sure worth the return for longer the next time. After all, sounds crazy that sometimes it’s cheaper to go abroad than staying in London where you will spend certainly more going out for some drinks and dinner with friends. So why not to take the friends with you and travel together then?

This is a very elegant city. Full of tree-lined boulevards and avenues, canals, squares and impressive buildings everywhere, especially these along the canals. But it’s not only the architecture what makes the city special, it is also about the people. So polite, friendly, educated and so well dressed overall! We felt quite out of place as our outfit was definitely more casual.

Walking around and trying to get lost is the best way to explore the city. Since it is not too big you don’t need to worry about “getting lost”. You will always find your way and come to see those not so main streets everyone aims for, avoiding the rest of the usual tourists. Don’t get me wrong here, of course visiting the major thoroughfares is part of the mandatory sightseeing.


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