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Bergen - Norway

Bergen and the Fjords – Norway

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The door to the Norwegian Fjords

One of the most seek destination across Norway, Bergen, it is not always the easiest and the cheapest place you can find a nice flight deal. Then knowing about the remaining expenses as hotel, rental car and food, we knew this trip was not going to be anymore on budget but a be very pricey considering how short it was, merely a weekend. Nevertheless, considering how beautiful is this city and the incredible region surrounding it, returning is not even questionable, it is a reality.

Bergen is the door to the fjords. If you are coming here it is likely that you will be either taking a tour, (there are many), from half a day, one day or the longer ones, getting on a cruise; or you will be driving on your own around. Whichever the option it does not matter. But getting a rental car and be free to do as you wish for as long as you want, no hassle of running from one place to another and no one rushing you is simply ideal.

A weekend is really enough to do both the fjords and Bergen, if you cannot have any longer that that. But of course I am only talking about the most notorious sights and places, as otherwise one can be in this region for weeks every day in a different place.


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