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Jersey - United Kingdom

Jersey – British Isles

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Bailiwick of Jersey

Although it took a long time to finally travel to any of the British Isles and the Channel Islands itself, it will not be the last but only the beginning considering the many other around. Coming to three, then the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey all are self governing democracies under the constitutional monarchy with independent administered jurisdictions; meaning it does not form part of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth of Nations, or the European Union; although it has special treats with them, being the United Kingdom constitutionally responsible for the defense of Jersey.

Being an island of that small size, it makes it perfect for a weekend. Don’t expect any city though, as even the capital of the island, Saint Helier, has more feeling to a little village than a city. Everywhere else across the island are small villages, some towns, and the beautiful coasts, empty beaches and landscapes.

As a curious fact, until not long ago Jèrriais was the official spoken and written language in the Channel Islands; but since the last decades this has changed in favour of English, still you will find names and translations on both languages, although we did not come across anyone speaking it nor listened in the radio or anywhere a word of it. (more…)

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