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Bratislava - Slovakia

Bratislava – Slovakia

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Beauty on the Danube

Another of the jewel cities in Central Europe, yet the smallest capital city from the neighbouring countries such as Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Even Salzburg feels bigger although it is smaller by population. This makes Bratislava perfect for a short visit like a weekend cultural trip, that’s well more than enough but it is also one of the cities I don’t mind returning, hence this is for now, the second time.

Without minding the size, the old city is truly worth the trip itself. Recently revamped and gentrified with most of the houses around the historic old town restored and beautifully painted and many sculptures embellishing the streets, some of them as original as I have not seen before elsewhere as you can see down below in the photo album. Really charming Central European city with an enormous potential. And comparing the 6 years in between both visits, I felt very lucky to have come in 2009 when there were still not that many tourists and everything was somehow, more unique and traditional.

Finding your way along the city is as easy as walking the main street in the old town and some parallel ones, and the one leading to the top of the castle. There is not really much more out there from the historic centre, therefore great for visiting everything without the need of any public transportation to get anywhere.

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Torun - Poland

Torun – Poland

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The City of Copernicus

Our second stop over for this weekend brought us to the beautiful historical city of Torun. Not only famously known to be the birthplace of astronomer Copernicus, but more important, it is the only example of perfectly preserved medieval and Gothic architecture that entirely survived during the war without any damage nor destruction; no wonder why the UNESCO included it in the list of World Heritage Sites.

Yet it’s true to city is very small, in the other hand it has a large old town core with plenty to see and do. Most tourists come here as part of a day trip from wherever their main city base is. In our example, we came from Poznan some 130 kilometres to the west of Torun. But coming here was not just pure chance. Knowing myself and while preparing the information and guide needed for visiting Poznan is when I realised with a day would be more than enough to see everything. And then what? Trying to figure out an alternative plan for Sunday, which as usual rule of thumb I googled for UNESCO sites “nearby” and Torun popped out to be the perfect candidate at a reasonable distance to Poznan airport which was our departure point.

This trip ended up in being a great choice! And it is the fact that both Poznan and Torun are ranking among the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to Poland so far. (more…)

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Poznan - Poland

Poznan – Poland

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Poznany: One Who is Known

One more time visiting this great city, and the same impressions about it. A bit different on this occasion though, back then was middle of July and so hot; this time almost winter, cold and grey-ish but the overall feeling was still the same, what a beautiful cosy place. It’s always a nice country to visit, and with so many cities and places worth to see, there are plenty more to plan for future trips. As usual anywhere in Poland I go, it is not only about the architecture and sights what makes me come to visit, but also the great food I love so much. This weekend won’t be any different in this case.

Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Residence of the oldest Polish diocese and home to the first cathedral built in the country soon becoming the prime burial place of the early Piast monarchs Mieszko I, Boleslaus I, Mieszko II, Casimir I, Przemysł I and King Przemysł II. The Cathedral is as such, one of the major landmarks and sight number one in the city, which coupled with an extensive Old Town and the “newer” area known as the Imperial District that was entirely built when the city was part of the German Empire; makes it perfect for a nice weekend city-break trip.

And if you are a fast pace visitor, pretty much as we are, then there is more than plenty of time to visit the entire city in just one day. If you came here for a weekend this means giving you an extra day to do something else or going to another city which I would highly recommend that to be Toruń. We did this combination and was more than enough time to visit both cities in full in a flexible quiet non stressful way.

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Szczecin - Poland

Szczecin – Poland

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Latin Stetinum

An irresistible flight deal to Szczecin on what would have been otherwise a weekend without any trip planned so far. We only booked those tickets 7 weeks before the actual flight, plus considering this was the last weekend of June, already high season; furthermore the flights at perfect times from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Indeed, a temptation not to let it go. After all, finding an European destination not been before is becoming a challenging task. Of course, there are endless cities and places to visit, but there are not flights to every one of those destinations either.

Right after booking the flight and researching a bit on the city, this is a city that can easily be done and fully visited in a day and even less than that. The good news are the many nice places to the north and northwest, already in German soil. The city lies just few kilometers to the east from the German border that runs north to south. Therefore, the plan for this weekend was postponing the visit of Szczecin itself to the following day, while for today driving towards Swinoujscie, the last city in Poland before the German border through the Szczecin Lagoon, passing the beaches by the Baltic Sea, and continuing to the UNESCO World Heritage Site city of Stralsund in Germany.

Sparing Sunday to be in the city was a good decision. We had plenty of time, were relaxed since there was no need to drive anywhere, and took the time for quite a lazy visit. Why to rush when there is no need! Instead we took the time to get a really nice lunch, some Polish snacks, coffee here, cake there and enjoying a beer at one of the many terraces in the old town watching the live passing by. (more…)

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Wroclaw - Poland

Wroclaw – Poland

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Historic Capital of Silesia

After quite a long time since the last time I’ve visited Poland, exactly under the same terms with a weekend trip to the Christmas Markets of Warsaw, it was great this time to travel to a new destination never been before plus knowing that one of the largest Christmas Markets in Poland would be already open by the weekend we planned to come. Although rewording this phrase, let’s say better that I checked beforehand when the market would be open and only then, booked the flight tickets. Such markets are one of the most beautiful in Europe without any doubt.

Wroclaw is the 4th largest city in Poland and is packed on every corner with history and sights. It resulted to be in fact, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to in Poland so far with the most sights and things to do; probably coupled with Gdansk, and comparable to Krakow. The Old Market Square is a masterpiece in itself with such vast amount of grand buildings at all sides and the fine Gothic Town Hall in the middle. Basically on every turn there is another nice view of the row of houses and the pictures will not stop coming one after another. Too many to picture!

But what really made a nicer difference is to have those beautiful Christmas Markets and decorations everywhere around the Old Town. At least, coming in December with such freezing temperatures could be justified! Suffering the cold but greatly enjoying the atmosphere was very well paid off. And every now and then a hot mulled wine to keep warm and any of the many nice food and snacks freshly made at the hundreds of stalls all over…yes, I survived knowing how terrible I am with handling any temperature that goes below 0 degrees. (more…)

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Prague - Czech Republic

Prague – Czech Republic

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Caput Regni: Head of the Kingdom

Prague, one of the most impressive and beautiful cities in the world, is hard to even describe and say something towards it. Once you get there and be on the streets, is easy to understand why. And no matter the time of the year you come, every season is somewhat special here. What is becoming harder though is to find a quiet month with not that many tourists. My first trip was back in 2009 and that was still nice; the city was only starting to gentrify and prices were really competitive for everything. Now it’s the opposite, one of the most desired cities, heavily massified.

It’s good to now have a wider overview of the city, hence the good reason this guide is actually a combination of all these visits, plus another more recent where we would also take the chance to get to the enchanting city of Cesky Krumlov. It’s always great coming back to Prague, there’s always something new. Refreshing memories and also being able to provide with a proper travel guide entry for my blog as otherwise remembering all the details from these years back would have not been accurate with half of it missing.

The city is always included on any poll and listing of the most beautiful cities in the world, or places to visit before you die and similar lists. As such, you can imagine the incredible amount of history, sights, museums, entertainment and nightlife, therefore in a weekend it is absolutely impossible to visit everything. You will need at least a minimum of 4 days although I would personally recommend you more if you have the chance, or a me right now, coming for a second time and continue visiting new places.


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Bran and Brasov - Romania

Bran and Brasov – Romania

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The home of Dracula

Coming to Romania for the first time at the time of writing this guide, then it could only mean one thing. It had to include both Bran and Brasov, located in the beautiful Transylvania region. The only downside, well, being the major tourist destinations in the country, hence quite a lot of hordes of tourists. From the beauty of the landscapes, mountains and forests; to the beauty of the villages and the many castles. A first time visitor to Romania should definitely include these places in their agenda. You cannot miss the world renown legend on the very same place it is set.

What is best, is that you can easily do both places in a day trip from Bucharest if you are staying there as a base. This will save you in fact a lot of costs, since hotels in this region are way more expensive and more limited than in the capital; and so the basic costs for everything like food, drinks, going out, etc. This is as you can imagine, the main tourist spot in Romania.

By the time of the year we went there, May, it was still great to enjoy the site with not so many tourists, since just few more days later and the site would become packed every day. Also the weather and the sun really made of it a perfect day out, even though the heavy thunderstorm at Brasov later in the afternoon almost did spoil the rest of the day.


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Bucharest - Romania

Bucharest – Romania

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Paris of the East

It’s always great to travel anywhere, but when that includes going to a country never been before, it gets even more exciting. Romania it is then, starting at its crawling capital Bucharest. Although the whole main plan for the trip itself would of course be the travelling to the amazing Transylvania region in search of the world famous Bran Castle and the beautiful city of Brasov. And now, after the trip I will not hesitate in saying I will be returning to this wonderful country soon to keep visiting the countless great cities and places it has to offer.

It is important to remember a fact that changed the history of the city and the country. The earthquake of 1977, which epicenter was at Vrancea, locality not far from Bucharest that destroyed a huge part of the city. Signs can still be seen across the old town with some dilapidated buildings and others falling apart in peaces and ruin. Thankfully there is currently a great effort to rebuild and restore many of these old historic constructions along the old town and beyond, turning it back again into a thriving, beautiful East European and greatly gentrified city.

From its nickname, the Paris of the East, anyone can wonder why but it’s not hard to discover. Wide tree-lined boulevards, great buildings from all eras and styles, elegant and beautiful, the city has much more to offer than what you expected before you came, considering the incredible wonders lost forever after the earthquake.


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