My Travel Map

Here you can see the countries I have been so far in my life. I’ve been at least to the capital city of each of them, and many many other cities mostly in European countries.

Unfortunately I have not found yet a good map gadget to implement in my blog that truly reflects the right count of sovereign states in the world which is currently 196 (as per UN definition) and not 215 as this gadget shows, nor showing the right count of countries I have been which is up to date 87 and not 82 as the map shows, plus 4 special regions/dependencies/administrations: Hong Kong, Macau, Jersey and Isle of Man. Below the map it’s the most up to date listing of countries in alphabetical order and by region.

I’ve been to 82 out of 215 countries so far! That’s 38.14% of the world!


List of countries visited by regions

  • Europe (47 countries been)






-Bosnia and Herzegovina




-Czech Republic
























-Republic of Macedonia



-San Marino









-United Kingdom

-Vatican City (Holy See)

  • Middle East (7 countries been)







-United Arab Emirates

  • Asia (16 countries been)












-South Korea

-Sri Lanka




  • Africa (4 countries been)





  • North America (2 countries been)



  • Central America (7 countries been)


-Costa Rica

-El Salvador





  • South America (4 countries been)





List of territories and dependencies visited by regions

  • Europe (2 dependencies been)

-Isle of Man


  • Asia (2 special administrations)

-Hong Kong


2 Responses to My Travel Map

  1. Pepe Izquierdo says:

    NO me puedo creer que todavia no haya ido a Australia.
    Estuve hace 4 años y tengo bastante info si la necesitas.

    • lezbel says:

      Muchas gracias Pepe! Australia lo tengo en mente desde hace mucho y probablemente sea para el proximo Diciembre/Enero, asique sin duda te preguntare por info.

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